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Speakit because keeping quiet is overrated

Speakit is a New Zealand based coaching initiative where you and others have the opportunity to speak about stuff. Keeping quiet is overrated, and it's time to talk when keeping it to ourselves no longer works. We do this one-on-one or in a group format; at work or at home, depending on what works at the time.

$150 /session

Personal Coaching Icon
Personal Coaching
  • Personal Speakit coach
  • Dedicated one-on-one
  • Trust and support driven
  • Targeting transformation

$180 /session

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Business Coaching
  • Business Speakit coach
  • Dedicated one-on-one
  • Goal and action plan driven
  • Targeting change

$380 /team session

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Team Coaching
  • Team Speakit coach
  • Groups smaller than 10
  • Connection and team-trust driven
  • Targeting team synergy
How it works

It's not what, it's who

Speakit coaching is some 1-hour sessions between a Speakit coach and coachee where we explore, become aware, and grow from the stories and messages that form our behaviours and character. When we see it for what it is, we can act and see things differently.

At Speakit, our primary focus is who, meaning a somewhat eccentric match between a coach and coachee, the experience of the coach, and the readiness of the coachee to be supported and challenged. Each session focuses on achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing an opportunity for awareness.

We furthermore believe in a coaching eco-system where we network and broaden our influence through knowledge and experience of others.

Feedback Speakits
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"Taking part in Speakit helped me deal with so many of the things I thought was impossible to solve. I became aware of all the stuff I need to work on. This programme is really beneficial!".
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"My Speakit coach has a unique ability to quickly understand and help me discover my strengths. The Speakit coaching has a profound effect on everyone who attends it by allowing them to develop their own self awareness."
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"My Speakit coach is excellent. She leads by example and shows much empathy. I've learned the importance of not hiding from my fears and take accountability for my thoughts."
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"Speakit gave me clarity on many of the things I have been struggling with for years. Being part of a group that listens while I speak helps, especially when the feedback is powerful and encourages me to take back the control I've lost."

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