Planning a beautiful day

Monre Jameson

Monre Jameson

12 February 2019
People who choose to view life-events with a higher sense of positivity are generally happier than those who don't. Planning yourself a beautiful day, along with some other principles as defined by Seligman, father of positive psychology, is an easy-to-execute task that will help build a positive and meaningful life.
Planning a beautiful day

Every day the world presents us with events and occurrences that are generally neither good nor bad. We then categorise them as negative or positive, which fundamentally shapes the way we view the world.

The above statement sounds harsh and some forecasted reaction is expected, but it does empower us to take back control and choose how we want to react to circumstances.

When we plan ourselves a beautiful day, we create a future space for joy, and when we do this often and well, we eliminate the things that places our happiness at risk.

As a start, planning a beautiful day requires us to act on it with intention. Here are some steps that will help set that up:

  1. Choose a day and be specific (i.e. next Wednesday will be my beautiful day)

  2. Identify the factors that are generally toxic to happiness (i.e. people, tasks, environment, actions etc.)

  3. Identify some things you can do that makes you happy (i.e. have a good meal, spend time in nature, listen to music, do specific tasks, hang with people etc.)

  4. Identify the factors that you have no control over (i.e. weather, close people, work schedules etc.)

  5. You see where this is going right? ...... Create your day and include many of the factors that make you happy. Exclude most to all of the factors that don't, and create action steps to mitigate the factors you have little or no control over.

  6. Visualise how this day will turn out. Think about how you'll feel when you wake up in the morning, and precisely how you will spend each hour of the day. Finally, design a crescendo ending for your day. Set a reminder and make some notes to remind you. (Be aware that your beautiful day will almost certainly not go exactly as planned, but it still will be beautiful, as it does remain our choice.)

  7. As the day progress, make gratitude and appreciation the centre of your thinking. Show this to yourself, to others and through your spiritual awareness.

Last week my beautiful day was filled with laughter, friends, and running free with an adorable dog called Yogi. While walking home, I got drenched in the rain, but since it was my beautiful day, my carefree spirit embraced every drop on my head, feeling completely satisfied while those around me were hiding under umbrellas running for cover. My next beautiful day is tomorrow. When is yours?