About Speakit

Let's speak

Speakit is a New Zealand based coaching initiative where individuals and groups have the opportunity to speak about stuff that's often hidden. Keeping quiet is overrated, and it's time to talk when keeping it to ourselves no longer works.

We do this one-on-one or in a group format; at work or at home, depending on what works at the time. We currently serve clients in Auckland and surrounding areas.

Busy mind

Our minds are really busy, and we load it with facts, ideas, feelings, stories, judgements and more. Let's call it thinking.

Some of this thinking gives us hope, and some of it makes us feel pretty hopeless. Some thoughts put us to sleep, and others keep us awake. Our thoughts stay with us, and every day we add more of it.

Our minds attempt to process or "solve" much of this thinking, but as one can imagine, a lot of notable, not-so-good, thoughts remain unresolved.

This unresolved thinking, especially when in the form of stories and judgements, becomes contaminated causing us to feel frustrated, angry, sad, hurt, resentful, bitter and more. When these feelings become prominent, it is time to speak about it.

Speakit coaching is not just about speaking. It's a carefully modelled methodology to help individuals and groups process their thoughts and become aware of how they think, behave and see the world.

Deep at heart

The heart is vulnerable, and we build boundaries to prevent others from getting in, but ultimately those walls are susceptible to hurt.

Speakit encourages letting go of some of these boundaries. Sometimes it could be battling with anger or dealing with loss, and other times it may just be about sharing something.

The stuff we carry with us may seem small, like feeling silly or not getting that ideal job. Other times it may become big like losing someone dear or having to deal with deep shame. Whatever it may be, keeping it to ourselves creates a build-up of unresolved thinking which becomes toxic to our wellbeing.

We also benchmark ourselves against others which we use to justify our thinking and feeling. The phrases, "I'm not that bad", or "all people do this", or "it will get better soon" are all used to help us cope with what we feel.

We are frequently unaware of some of the effects that our thinking has on us. For example, worrying about ageing and getting old may seem "normal" but it creates feelings of fear, loss, and even regret which impacts us when we choose to not speak about it.

At Speakit the intention is to embark on a journey to be able to accept these thoughts and turn them into something that is useful to us, irrelevant of what it is, and how big or small it may seem.